donderdag 29 december 2011

Cranberries love nuts bars

The week before Christmas I made some cranberry/nuts bars as a treat on my daughters 7th birtday. 7 already... She got a big horse-riding centre from playmobil. Luckely she was very happy with her gift.

Back to the cranberries love nuts bars. The recipe is from Caroline Brouwer, here site can be found right here. I only adapted it slightly. Where she used pecan's I used a cranberry/nut mix. Only because I love, love love cranberries so much! I followed this recipe (it's in Dutch) but came to the conclusion that there was a bit too much butter and honey in there for my taste. I will make them again but will follow another recipe. One that uses cups.... But the main reason for that is my lovely matroeshka cups. Wich I will show to you later!

This is how they turned out. No need to mention they were gone very soon!

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