maandag 26 december 2011

The internet and me

I will start this blog by telling how I met the internet, or maybe how it found me. I guess it was around 1996 when my boyfriend (not my husband) got a personal computer for his room. Soon after that we started living together, the pc came with us. Internet wasn't accepted as a part of life as it is now. Some (maybe even most) of my friends thought I was crazy for spending time on it. There was nothing to be found, they were wrong, but I will get to that later. We both started using ICQ, played games and just were "on" it. The relationship ended about a year later, it had nothing to do with the internet. I moved to my own house, bought a computer and was on the web again. Ofcourse I did a lot of other things, like work, but this post is about how I met the internet. During that time I met my husband though ICQ. He did a random search, the scandral ;) But we soon hit it off online and decided to meet. I will make a post about that later.

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