dinsdag 27 december 2011

Monalisasmiles, Dordt and ICQ

Monalisasmiles, that me. Dordt, well that's my hubby. ICQ, I guess you can call it the ancestor of MSN and all the other chat programs out there. People who used ICQ will always kinda smile when they hear "uh-oh" I know I do! After a few weeks of talking online, sometimes for hours, we decided to meet. And to keep this story short, eight months later we bought our first house together. Now, 12,5 years later we are married and parents to two kids. A girl and a boy. You will be seeing them a lot here I think. We recently moved from our first house. Our current house is in the same town, but it's bigger and better, as it should be ofcourse. Dordt and me, taken with my phone camera. But sometimes a photo doesn't have to be spot on sharp to be loved...

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