zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Banana pops in Biscoff and Chocolate

The frozen banana bites I posted yesterday turned out to be a big hit on pinterest. Yeah for that! But as I mentioned in that post, I wasn't completely happy with the peanutbutter flavour. So I made another batch. This time I used Biscoff (speculoos) spread. And added some nougatine, which are little tiny caramalized nuts. You can buy them in the store over here, so easy peasy again.

50 gram pure dark chocolate
50 gram Biscoff (speculoos) spread
1 banana


Melt the Biscoff and chocolate in the microwave, cut your banana put it on a stick and dip. Lay flat on greaseproof paper and stick in the freezer.

A few lessons learned since yesterday. Don't stick the banana's in the middle, like I did yesterday, but stick it in the side. It will give you a nice banana pop appearence and it's much more easy to eat. Also, I liked them more after maybe 2 hours of freezing instead of overnight. After two hours the banana is not completely hard yet, and again, it's easier to eat.

Please leave me a comment, when you make these letting me know how it went.

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  1. Looks easy to make...Great for the kiddos =)

  2. amazing recipe! so much so that i used one of your pictures in a blog that I recently published. i linked the picture back to this page and gave you all the credit, of course! thank you again for sharing. my readers will love it! here's the link -