vrijdag 10 februari 2012

Chocolate Banana Bites

You will need a jar of peanutbutter, chocolate and banana's. Most of the time, all three ingredients can be found in our house. Just like last night.

I was checking out pinterest, which I do way too much and I came across several frozen banana pins. And then I knew I just had to make these, as a dessert for the kids today. I didn't see any danger for my waistline in making these, I do not like banana's. Not ever, in anything. Banana flavour is too much for me, gooey and sweet. Yuk. Little did I know. When frozen, the banana tastes like icecream. Whoops. Now I am just fighting myself to have any frozen banana's left for dessert tonight. Sorry kiddo's, I ate them all.

After all the work (whaha, 5 minutes) they will look like these.

And if you would cut one through half (and ate one half) it will look like this.

After reading lots of different recepies I decided to go with what I had in store.

100 gram pure chocolate (+70%)
100 gram peanutbutter
2 banana's


I melted the chocolate and peanutbutter in the microwave. Give it 20 seconds and then stir it, repeat until melted. I ussualy do not melt it completely in the microwave. The bowl gets hot and after two times I just keep stirring until it's melted.

Slice your banana's in bite size pieces, put a little stick in it and dip. Lay them on a piece of greaseproof paper (use sprinklers here) and stick in the freezer. You can freeze them overnight like I did or just make them in the afternoon for dessert that evening, much safer by the way.

I used peanutbutter yesterday and even though I love peanutbutter I think the taste overrules the combination of flavours a bit. Next time I will try these with Speculoos (Biscoff) instead. And some nougatine (tiny bits of nuts caramelised in brown sugar).

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  1. oooooooohhhhhwwww mjummmie!! die foto's zien er geweldig uit! En het klinkt heel makkelijk. Leuk om een keer samen met de kids te maken! Bedankt.

    xx Tessa